Childminding Paperwork - Helping you to achieve an Outstanding status
Childminding Contracts - £14.00

Childminding Contracts (for use between childminder and parents of minded children) are now available as electronic documents for a one-off cost of only £14.00

Why buy electronic contracts as opposed to paper versions available from other organisations?

  • Pay once and print as many contracts as you need - ideal for new children or annual renewals
  • No costly expense to re-purchase as you'll never run out
  • Our contracts include  all of the terms and conditions found in branded paper contracts
  • Personalised details can either be typed into the document or written in by hand once printed - do what suits you best
  • Contracts can be edited and emailed to parents beforehand to give them the opportunity to review them thoroughly before signing

Your pack will be emailed to you as a Word document, usually within 1-2 working days of purchase.  Remember - payments are safe and secure through PayPal.

Don't have a PayPal account? Don't worry - you can still make your purchase as a PayPal guest using your usual payment details.

If you are unable to receive packs via email, for any reason, please visit the Delivery of Packs page to arrange for your pack to be posted to you.

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