Childminding Paperwork - Helping you to achieve an Outstanding status

Delivery of Packs

We are able to offer our customers free delivery of packs via email (usually within 1-2 working days) and for 95% of our customers this works well and keeps the purchase price lower.

However, a very small percentage of customers experience difficulties in receiving the packs via email.  Sometimes this we can resolve this by sending them in an alternative format.  If this fails, we are happy to put the packs on a cd-rom and post them to you for a small cost to cover the disc, packaging and cost of posting.

If you would like to receive your purchased packs on cd-rom, please click on the pay now button below where you will be charged £2.50 for this service.

Please note that packs being sent in the post will usually be delivered within 5 working days.  

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