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NEW! Ofsted's Self Evaluation Form 2012 - £18.50

If you are due an inspection from Ofsted soon, you are probably thinking about completing your Early Years Self Evaluation form - an important tool for both Childminder and Ofsted for evaluating your setting.

We have a sample SEF form available to buy for just £18.50.  This form will give you lots inspiration and guidance on what to include in your own SEF.  Alternatively use this sample and adapt the detail to suit your setting.  

Be assured that this is an excellent example and will save you many hours of preparation.  The sample is based upon an Outstanding Childminder's form prepared for her graded inspection and updated/rearranged to meet the 2012 format.

Please click if you would like to see what the SEF form and guidance looks like.  Alternatively, the new updated Self Evaluation Form (SEF) can be accessed following the below link:

If you have any difficulty in accessing this page or using the site please contact Ofsted's Self Evaluation form support team on 0300 123 3153.  

Please click below to buy the completed sample.  Remember - payments are safe and secure through Paypal.  Packs will be sent by email usually within 1-2 working days. 

Please note - customers who purchased the previous SEF form on or after 01 August are entitled to a special upgrade purchase price.  Please see the Special Offers page for details.

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